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Connect, share travel tips and explore your friends’ recommendations – all in one place – all within your trusted circle of friends.

If you, like us, find yourself asking friends or being asked by friends to share your tips of places you travel to, then you have come to the right place! Imagine a map with a friend filter on top showing you what places your friends go to

– that’s BobUp!

We Connect,
You Explore!

You always know which friend to ask depending on where you are going or what you are doing. Go to their BobUp and get that New York-list, the best yoga studio in London or those hidden gems in the West Indies!

Time is too precious to waste on going to places you don’t like. We created this app because we have needed it for years….

And now it’s finally here!

Key Features

  •  Share your travels and recommendations – ONCE!

No more sending your many lists of places you’ve been to over and over again, personalizing and updating them to each person who ask. Add it once and see your world map grow!

  • Explore your friends’ travel, food and fun recommendations!

Sick of nagging your friends to send their tips? Only to then receive a dump of names you still need to figure out and look up.. No more, just check their BobUp!

  • Filter to your needs!

Filter your search to find exactly what you’re looking for. Find those party-vibe-restaurants, that secret speakeasy or the artsy new it-boutique hotel. Know a specific person with killer tips? Filter on that specific person!

Join us on
this Adventure!

Join us in revolutionizing how friends connect, share travel tips, and explore the world together! We are building BobUp for all of us so let’s do this together! Download BobUp today and start exploring your friends’ recommendations.

We would love to hear from you! Do you have great ideas, feedback or just wish to connect? Shoot me an email at

If you like it, Bob it!

– Tora, Founder & CEO

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